Akeso Biomedical™ Advances Technology to Reduce Foodborne Illness; Receives New Patent to Reduce Campylobacter Infections

Patent No. US 9,655,912 B2 titled “Reduction of Gastrointestinal Tract Colonization by Campylobacter”

WALTHAM, MA – August 1, 2017 – Akeso Biomedical, Inc., has taken major steps forward in addressing unmet food safety needs by developing new methods to reduce food poisoning. The Company has been awarded a new U.S Patent that represents a significant step forward in reducing the incidence of foodborne illness due to infection by the bacterium, Campylobacter. Akeso Biomedical is a privately held company developing novel, non-antibiotic feed additive technologies, called Fe3C, to improve food safety, animal health and production. Akeso’s feed additives inhibit colonization of animal hosts by bacterial pathogens, thereby reducing the risk of foodborne illness and improving animal performance and value on the farm.

The food industry has long sought technologies to reduce illness due to Campylobacter, now the most common cause of food poisoning in Europe and the US. Akeso’s newly patented method allows the Company to produce a feed additive that prevents colonization of chickens by Campylobacter and subsequent passage of the bacterium to humans. Other extensions of the technology in animal health include improvements in weaner piglet health, welfare, performance and gut microflora. The company has filed several further patent applications related to the use of its Fe3C technology in various aspects of animal and consumer healthcare.

Simon Williams, CEO of Akeso Biomedical, said, “We are very pleased to announce the issuance of our new patent, which covers seminal work conducted in support of Campylobacter reduction and the building blocks of our Fe3C technology more generally. We plan to further expand the technology platform, and look forward to extending the technology, applications and patent portfolio.”